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From the Principal
Karen Easton - Principal

I have been reflecting on the ways that moments shape who we are and who we become and found this quote, “We do not remember days, we remember moments.” How true is this when we watch our children learn and grow as they experience what the world has to offer? Sometimes, we wish that they would grow up quickly and other times we want to linger over special times captured in unique moments.

This week has been photo week at the college. It is always a frantic time with students and staff alike making sure that they are well presented and ready to capture a moment in time. These moments are precious, and I want to commend the students for their politeness and courtesy to our photographers and for the way they represented themselves this week. 

We have also celebrated our mothers and joined in a magnificent breakfast this morning. The MRK staff do an amazing job catering for this occasion and I am also grateful to the whole team who spend a significant amount of time planning and organising this event. I trust that the morning was enjoyable for those who were able to attend. Over 1300 mums and grandmothers with students joined together reminding us of the importance of family and relationships. Another important moment where we can come together.


Term 2 has been full and there has been a lot to celebrate and many opportunities for students to participate in performance, sport, and academic activities. We will complete the term with Unite Week, where we can celebrate our diversity and unity as a college. It is a significant moment each year in our calendar and one that reminds us that we all belong. 

As the term draws to an end, I want to encourage everyone to take some time to rest and seek out special experiences and moments during the term break. I hope you can find time to have fun together and discover new moments of connection. Please stay safe and warm, enjoy the break and we look forward to seeing you again next term.

Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken. 

Psalm 62:1

Mrs Karen Easton
From the Deputy Principal & Head of Junior School
Sandy Wheeler

Mother’s Day Breakfast was a heart-warming morning of good food, joy and community.

Any day is a good day to celebrate mothers, isn’t it?! It was a pleasure to be a part of the buzz and witness the quality time enjoyed by all. It is mornings such as these that I feel privileged and blessed to be a part of the Thomas Hassall community, with so many families spending time together, making special memories at our beautiful College.

Semester 1 Reports will be sent to families electronically towards the end of next week. As you read through the report the first thing I encourage you to do is celebrate the areas where you can see your child is shining or has shown improvement. It could be their application of effort, their learning behaviours or achievement in a specific subject. There will be another opportunity for parent-teacher interviews next term and we will let you know the dates early next term.

A reminder that Unite Week starts on Monday. Junior School students can come in cultural dress on Monday. Let’s celebrate our diverse cultural backgrounds and remember that as a community we can be united together.

As we head into our last week of term, please join me in thanking the Junior School staff for their passion, energy and care of their students. May your holiday break be filled with goodness and blessing.

We look forward to seeing the students back on Monday 22 July with their holiday stories ready to tell!

Mrs Sandy Wheeler
Deputy Principal & Head of Junior School
From the Deputy Principal - Senior School Student Development
Roger Young

We have had an incredibly full term with plenty of activity across the College on a wide range of fronts. The College Musical, now a distant memory, brought immense joy and excitement. Since then, we have transitioned back to the rhythm of normal life, which included numerous carnivals and top-level sporting competitions such as the Wanderers Cup, the Bill Turner Cup, and the CIS Football Finals, all featuring teams from Thomas Hassall. We have also celebrated success in various other sporting endeavours, setting a high standard that future teams will aspire to emulate.

Our Year 7 Camp was a tremendous success, with high attendance and a positive atmosphere that fostered a strong sense of teamwork and community. Recently, around 118 Year 9 students embarked on their first Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Adventure. Despite the stormy, wet, and threatening weather, the students worked together to overcome adversity, achieving remarkable personal and group accomplishments.

In addition to the co-curricular activities, learning has been thriving in every corner of the College. The term has been marked by the usual hustle and bustle of hard work and challenges at various levels. There has been the inevitable homework, reading texts, and grappling with new ideas or concepts. Yet, these activities offer us the great opportunity to discover new wonders and raise new questions about God and His world. Recent examinations brought a sense of tension, and assessments continued to present their challenges, often causing late nights and all the typical anxieties.

School life encompasses all the above and more… It is about establishing and building friendships, having robust discussions, learning to negotiate relationships, to listen to others and develop skills in conflict resolution and hopefully experience giving and receiving forgiveness. As we grow and mature in these new areas, we also learn to appreciate others in our community.

These demands challenge each of us to our limits. It can be scary and exhausting, but it is reassuring to know that there is an endpoint—a time to rest, recover, and take stock. Please find the time to do this as we approach our great celebration, ‘Unite Week.’

I extend my heartfelt thanks to all the parents who have supported their children throughout the past term. I also thank the staff for their unwavering dedication, energy, and time spent mentoring, instructing, correcting, encouraging, modelling, reflecting, loving, and supporting the learning and character building of our students. 

A special thanks to our new Principal for her calm and purposeful leadership.

I will be on long service leave over Term 3 and look forward to returning to finish the year with a sense of joy and gratitude. God Bless, and please remain in prayer for our community as I will be praying for you all.


On Tour with the Students last April.

Mr Roger Young
Deputy Principal - Senior School Student Development
From the Assistant Chaplain

Last year was my first year here at college and I have very fond memories of Unite week, seeing students in bursts of colour in their cultural dress celebrating our diverse backgrounds. It was fantastic!

In my family, the Beikoff name doesn’t really hold much cultural history. All we know is that it is Prussian, and my great-great grandparents came over on a boat right before the turn of 19th century. But sadly, that is as much as I know. Our family history was lost due to the nation ceasing to exist and overthrown by the German Empire. Even the region where the Beikoff’s originated, (now Poland) is now completely desolate.

I wonder if you’ve ever felt how my family has felt, a bit lost because you have no connection with your ancestral roots?

Whether you have or not, there is something that has given me great comfort and assurance when questioning my cultural history and identity and that is knowing full well what God says about who I am, I belong to Him.

See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God
1 John 3:1 ESV

By God’s grace and through Jesus’ death and resurrection, we can have full hope, assurance, and identity as being a child of the one and true God that yearns for us to know Him as our Father.

Miss Georgia Beikoff
Assistant Chaplain
From the Director of Operations & Wellbeing - Junior School

We are all different, yet, made in the image of God; no individual more special, no cultural background more important. God loves all people and commands us to love Him first and also our neighbour.

Junior School have been celebrating difference as part of Manners Matter. Last week, Derek Rabelo visited College and shared with the students how he has overcome adversity to become a professional surfer despite his visually impairment. He also spoke passionately about the centrality of Jesus in his life and encouraged students to seek Jesus. Persevering through challenges is a learning behaviour we focus on at College.

Next week is Unite week; our specific lens for learning is based around acceptance, kindness, inclusivity and respect all wrapped in the message of hope and the assurance we have in Christ Jesus.

On Monday, we look forward to wearing cultural dress and celebrating difference and diversity as the students engage in rich discussions and activities throughout the whole week in English and Manners Matter lessons. This is how we make a positive impact on our community.

The holidays are upon us soon. I wish families a safe and relaxing holiday

Mrs Kylie Singles
Director of Operations & Wellbeing – Junior School
From the Director of Student Wellbeing - Senior School
Director of Student Wellbeing

On Tuesday 11 June, Derek Rabelo, a renowned surfer shared his incredible journey with students across the College, leaving them motivated and inspired. Derek, who is vision impaired, has defied all odds and achieved remarkable success in the world of surfing. His visit to our College aimed to encourage students to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams with determination and resilience. Our Year 8 and Year 9 students in particular had the opportunity in Senior School to hear about Derek’s story, which is nothing short of extraordinary. 

Derek Rebalo

Born with a visual impairment, Derek faced numerous obstacles throughout his life. However, his passion for surfing was unwavering, and he refused to let his disability define him. With unwavering determination and a strong faith in God, Derek embarked on a journey to become a professional surfer. He had to overcome countless challenges and push his limits to the extreme. Despite his visual impairment, Derek learned to trust his instincts and rely on his other senses to navigate the waves. Through rigorous training, sheer perseverance and a belief that God has a plan for his life, he developed a unique surfing style that have captivated audiences worldwide. Derek has conquered over 15m waves in Portugal and 10m waves in Hawaii. Our students were lucky enough to see some of the amazing footage of him tackling these waves and had the opportunity to ask questions about his life, struggles, faith, and amazing attitude.

"I imagine thoroughly what the sea is. This thing feels to me like energy and blessings and happiness. The best feeling in the world."

During his time at College, eight students in year 9 were also privileged to be able to sit down with Derek where he continued to share his remarkable story, emphasizing the importance of never giving up on their dreams. He spoke about the power of perseverance, determination, and belief, urging the students to embrace challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth.

“I really love adventure, the feeling of adrenaline and being in danger. I guess that’s the way I’m wired. If everything is OK, it means there is still more life to be explored and the end hasn’t come.” 

Many students expressed their admiration for Derek’s ability to overcome adversity and achieve success in a sport that demands both physical and mental strength.

Leading into UNITE week next week, the presentation from Derek was a great reminder of every person’s uniqueness but also our ability to celebrate our differences together. 

Next week during UNITE week students will have the opportunity to engage in activities that promote positive conversations about their cultural background. The week will begin with a special assembly and will set the tone of celebration and inclusivity. It will be a great opportunity for students to connect and share in a safe and encouraging environment. The week will also have a Chapel for the whole Senior School and finish with a special events cultural day. On Friday students will have the ability to arrive to College wearing a special outfit that represents their national and cultural background. This could range from traditional dress or an item of clothing, colours of their national flag or a sporting jersey from their national team. If students do not have any cultural items to wear, they are encouraged to wear the colour orange, as this is the national colour of Harmony Day in Australia.

We are looking forward to hearing the different stories students share during this week, it is often seen by teachers and staff to be one of the best weeks of the year!

Dr Anna Nalla
Director of Student Wellbeing - Senior School

Upcoming dates

Date Event

Monday 24 June

Unite Week Years P - 6 Cultural Dress

Author Visits Prep 3 Day and Kindy

Year 12 Soup and Songs Evening

Tuesday 25 June

Amazing Me lessons - Year 6

Year 4 Band Afternoon 

MISA Dance Festival 

Wednesday 26 June

Amazing Me Evening Parent Session

Year 5 Space Project Gallery

Year 10 Japanese Excursion

Thursday 27 June

Unite Week - 2 Day Prep Cultural Dress

Author Visits Prep 2 day

Year 10 & 12 Careers Expo

Friday 28 June

Unite Week Years 7 - 12 Cultural Dress


Last Day of Term 2

Monday 1 July

Gold Duke of Ed Hike

Monday 22 July

Term 3 Commences

Mother's Celebration Breakfast

What a wonderful opportunity it was this morning to celebrate the ladies in our community, Mums, Grandmas and other significant ladies in our life.  

Even though the day started out rather chilly it was great to see so many of you coming along to share in this occasion with the students and staff. A special thanks to Mrs Riitano's Kitchen staff who worked so hard to prepare for us a scrumptious breakfast. We hope you had a lovely morning!

College Awards

To receive an award is a recognition to your hard work, excellence and service in the College. 

Congratulations to the following Junior School Principal's awards and College award recipients:


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Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity encompasses the variety of cultures, beliefs, and traditions present globally, contributing to a rich tapestry of human experiences and perspectives. By valuing every child's cultural background, we enable them to excel in all facets of life. Nurturing an environment of curiosity, open-mindedness, and respect for all cultures, will help to not only promote unity, but a deeper appreciation of the nuances that distinguish us.

Inclusion is about more than just words; it's about fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance for every child, regardless of their cultural background. When children and adolescents feel seen and valued for who they are, they can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Valuing and understanding cultural diversity helps our communities benefit from a wealth of perspectives and experiences, enhancing our collective capacity for empathy and innovation.

As parents and adult carers, instilling an appreciation for cultural diversity is vital to equip young people with the tools they need to navigate an increasingly interconnected world. Through leading by example and showing that kindness and understanding knows no boundaries, we can encourage them to embrace multiculturalism. This will not only prepare young people for personal success, but also for contributing to a world that views diversity as a strength. Through collective efforts, we can help pave the way for a more accepting and vibrant future.

In this edition of SchoolTV, learn how best to embrace and celebrate cultural diversity with your children. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition, and we always welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school wellbeing team for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Click on the image below to watch a video about Cultural Diversity


Mrs Jacoline Petersen
Director of Student Counselling

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Next week is our annual College UNITE Week. It is a wonderful celebration of our cultural diversity. Each day students will have the opportunity to engage in activities that promote positive conversations about their cultural background. There will also be special assemblies in both our Junior and Senior schools encouraging an atmosphere of celebration and inclusivity.

On Monday 24 June, Junior School students are invited to arrive to College wearing an outfit or article of clothing that represents their cultural background. On Friday 28 June, Senior School students are invited to wear an outfit or article of clothing that represents their cultural background. This could range from full traditional dress, an item of clothing, colours of their national flag or a sporting jersey from their national team. If students do not have any cultural items to wear, they are encouraged to wear the colour orange, as this is the national colour of Harmony Day in Australia.

Please note: This day is NOT a mufti or free dress day. If students choose not to wear any of the above mentioned, they are to arrive in their full winter College uniform or sports uniform only.


Junior School Holiday Meet Up

Meet other families on the upcoming Mid-Term Break, Monday 29 August

Our Parent Community Network have been busy planning opportunities for Thomas Hassall families to connect. They have come up with a lovely opportunity for students and parents to meet on the mid-semester break. 

View the flyer

The Parent Community Network is run by parents of Thomas Hassall Anglican College. The meet up events have been organised by Parent Volunteers. Please note no staff will be present at these events and parents need to supervise their own children.

Holiday Programs
Football Holiday Program

Running from Monday 15 - Friday 19 July at 8.30 - 2.30pm, this is an all-weather program that will take place at the College.

It is open to boys and girls aged 5-13 of all skill levels.

Students will participate in fun activities, game development and learn soccer skills from accredited coaches.

$65 per day or $300 for the week.

Book online now


Holiday Dance Program

Come join the fun at our Holiday Dance Program. Enjoy learning a variety of dance styles, with fun games and a disco!

  • Hip Hop
  • Jazz
  • Cheer
  • Musical Theatre
  • Contemporary

Running from Monday 15 - Friday 19 July from 8.30 - 2.30pm. 

It is open to boys and girls in Kindy - Year 9. 



Book online now



Join CodeCamp these School holidays where kids design, code, problem solve and become storytellers and creators of technology, by creating games, websites, music and videos or flying drones - in just 2-3 days! 

Wednesday 17 - Friday 19 July. 



Book now


Motiv8 Sports

THE MOTIV8 GAMES are held only once every year and provide campers the chance to win Gold. The Motiv8 Games is a futuristic version of the Olympics with a rock concert style atmosphere. This  multi-sports event will give campers the opportunity to participate in a long list of team sports, individual events, showdowns and team building challenges. 

8:30am - 3:30pm daily - Monday 8 - Tuesday 9 July

For ages Kindy to Year 6


Book online


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Another Great Week in Prep

This week in Prep Purple we have been learning about the letter ‘r’ and the number 9.

We have painted rainbows, made letters using rice, played number games and counted raindrops. Most importantly, we have done all of this while having fun and learning with our friends. Prep Purple students have grown up so much this term and love coming to school each week!


Mrs Candice Mannix
Junior School Teacher - Prep Purple(Thurs//Fri) & Year 6(Wed)

Illustrators Competition

What is it? An illustrating competition open to all students, Prep to 6. 

When is it? Submissions must be entered by Friday 26 July. These are to be given to the class teacher. 

Please note: For this year, all entries are to be completed at home. 

Inspiration: Each class will be given a story, an excerpt from a story, or a poem, written by our students, to illustrate. They will all follow the theme of “The River.”

Submissions: Students may use pencils, paints, crayons, pastels, mixed media and choose their style. They may use digital art components. They must not use AI. Student entries must be on A4 paper and not be on lined paper. Please do not laminate, mount or frame these prior to submission. 

Entries must be labelled with the story’s name, their own first and last names, class and house on the back of the entry. 

The entry must be original, and not previously awarded any prizes in other competitions. It must be the student’s own work.

Entries will be chosen from every grade to be published in the Thomas Hassall online magazine. Winning entries from each grade will also receive a mystery art related prize.

Questions to asaville@thac.nsw.edu.au  

Mrs Alex Saville
Gifted and Talented Liaison for the Junior School

Creating Prototype Monsters

This Semester, Year 7 Technology Mandatory( Textiles) have been briefed to create a prototype monster to join the Mike and Sully team for their next movie.

Students drew inspiration from the movie Monsters Inc and designed a final drawing after completing a series of rough sketches. Students then had to make a production pattern. Here are some pictures of students in 7.3 Technology Mandatory class, very busily completing their projects in class.


Mrs Tania van der Schyff 
Senior School TAS Teacher

Exploring Healthy Relationships and Social Media

This term, Year 8 has been exploring Healthy Relationships and Social Media as part of their Fit For Life program in Pastoral Care.

In this particular lesson, Year 8 discussed conflicts in relationships: 

  • How do conflicts arise, even in good relationships? 
  • What does conflict look like? Is it always easy to tell… or is it possible that we don’t even know there are issues in our relationships?
  • What strategies can help us resolve conflicts in our relationships?

It’s always very interesting to see how students respond to case studies and theoretical scenarios… sometimes unaware of how personally they can relate to them!


Pictured above is Mr Wee’s 8 Carmichael 2 Class, who won a special prize for their dramatic depiction of conflict resolution. 

It is our earnest prayer that openness, awareness, consideration and ultimately, the grace of God, will guide our students to form and maintain healthy relationships with the important people in their lives.

Mr Jeff Tran
Senior School Teacher - Science, Mathematics and Year 8 Advisor

Year 7 Camp Reflections

Year 7 had a wonderful time at camp this term, spending three days and two nights at Stanwell Tops Conference Centre. Alongside many adventurous activities such as abseiling and the giant swing, they also had group times focusing on faith and wellbeing. Here’s what some students had to say: 

What were you most proud of?

  • Jumping off the Goliath Swing at level 9 – Jacob
  • Trying everything we did, even if it was hard – Anabela
  • When I first got to the cliff edge during abseiling, I closed my eyes and said I wouldn’t do it, but my instructor talked to me and I made it down the cliffside. I even did it twice. That is my most proud moment. - Ben
  • Doing the abseiling (It was 17m.) - Ethan
  • For me, it was going on the giant swing that I had a fear of, being away from my parents, with no contact, and challenging my fear of heights.
  • Doing the giant swing without screaming. -Jordan
  • Doing the giant swing. – Ava
  • Confronting my fear of heights in the high ropes course (5m). I stopped being afraid and then did abseiling (also 5m) and also 15 meters on the giant swing. – Menelaos

I am grateful for:

  • All the things the campsite provided for us and the beautiful people in my cabin.
  • The wonderful people in my cabin.
  • The activities, and also to be able to make memories with the people in my cabin. 
  • Being able to make new friends and learning to face my fears.  

I learnt:

  • That you can always be brave, with support. 
  • That we all complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • About ways to communicate well with friends and how to have healthy relationships.

Mrs Roslyn Rodriguez
Secondary Teacher - English & Year 7 Advisor

Reading to Write Module in HSC

Here, at the College, we have so very many students who are undertaking the English Advanced course – from the Common Module: Reading to Write, at the beginning of Year 11, to the final module studying persuasive writing, just before the HSC Examination at the end of Year 12.

Our future 2025 HSC cohort, currently half-way through their Year 11 course, have just submitted their Multimodal Presentations, which feature their first evaluative essays. These complex responses to HSC-style questions allow students the opportunity to offer their informed personal perspective on a pair of literary texts. These texts include examples of the divided protagonist trope, which recurs throughout history, starting with the novella, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Spoiler alert: these two gentlemen are, in fact, two aspects of the same fellow!

For most of this term, I have had the genuine pleasure of looking after one of the Year 11 English Advanced classes temporally. I have watched them unpacking ideas about social justice embedded in narratives of class struggle, gender equality and indigenous recognition. I have watched them using analytical skills to express their understanding through concise sentences and developing arguments. They have shown that, where they put effort in, they are capable of displaying an understanding of language and ideas to a level that they could not have imagined in Year 10… just a year ago.

What we have seen, with this and previous senior cohorts, is that students with a range of abilities and past experiences of English can have enhanced success with the ideas, skills and texts studied in the Advanced course. This is just so long as the course is delivered in a way that is accessible and that incorporates an adjustment of approaches to suit students across the range of abilities and interests.

What few have had the opportunity to appreciate is that the alternative English Standard course, for Stage 6, requires students to master substantially the same skills and the same literary appreciation of texts. At the same time, English Standard does not afford students the crucial cultural capital – the development of an educated voice – that allows them to communicate with others on an equal footing across the country and across the English-speaking world, if that is where their future is taking them.

For now, the next great learning endeavour for Year 11 English Advanced is a Critical Study of Literature, focusing on just one significant text. In this case, it is the tragedy play by William Shakespeare, Othello. In Term 3, we are even hosting an incursion by the Australian Shakespeare Company to give our Advanced students an interactive experience of the play and how it is performed live.

They have just started this third stage of their Year 11 English learning journey, over the past week. I look forward to seeing what they have to say, and what they can do, in response to such a timeless classic as it speaks to the divided politics of our present era.


Mr David Gawthorne
Faculty Coordinator - English

Sydney Jewish Museum

On Friday 14 June, Year 12 students from two Modern History classes went on an excursion to the Sydney Jewish Museum in Darlinghurst. The program was designed to complement their studies on the rise of Nazi Germany and the regime's brutal treatment of minorities.

The day began with a deeply moving testimony from Holocaust survivor Egon Sonnenschein, who shared his harrowing experiences as a child fleeing Nazi persecution. Egon, born in Ptuj, Yugoslavia in 1930, recounted his journey starting from when Germany attacked Yugoslavia in April 1941. At just ten years old, he and his family fled to his grandparents in Croatia, then under the brutal Ustashi regime. They survived thanks to the generosity of the town Mayor, a former student of Egon’s grandfather, who saved over 300 Jews and Serbs. The family’s desperate escape continued through Italian-occupied Slovenia, where they were imprisoned briefly before finally finding refuge in Switzerland. Egon's heartfelt narrative resonated with many students, especially those with family origins in the regions he traversed.

Following the testimony, students participated in a source skills workshop. This session was invaluable in teaching them how to assess the value and limitations of historical sources, linking directly to their syllabus. They learnt to account for the perspectives of different sources, enhancing their analytical skills.

The excursion concluded with guided tours of the museum. In small groups, students explored fascinating exhibits and artefacts that vividly told the story of Jewish persecution in Germany, including the Holocaust and its aftermath. The guided tours provided a poignant and comprehensive understanding of the historical context they have been studying.

The Year 12 students found the excursion to be a profoundly educational experience, gaining not only historical knowledge but also a deepened empathy and understanding of the human stories behind the historical events.


Mr Samuel Mills 
Year 7 Advisor, History and Christian Studies Teacher

Food Technology with Year 12

This year there are 36 students completing the HSC Food Technology course here at Thomas Hassall Anglican College. Term 2 has been a busy time for them as they near the completion of the course. They started the term completing an assessment task that assessed Unit 2: Food Manufacture. Students made a jar of strawberry jam under timed conditions before demonstrating their understanding of the causes of food spoilage, the principles of preservation and the role of packaging in extending the shelf life of foods in a written response.

Unit 3: Food Product Development was studied throughout this Term. Recently, students made Banana Sticky Date Muffins. A recipe that reflected a combination of banana bread and sticky date pudding. Today, they submitted their final hand-in assessment task. Students had to develop a ready-chilled meal suitable for a given target market, athletes. They were required to work through the seven steps of developing a new food. Today is a wonderful achievement and for many, the last in their four year study of the subject. With just the Trial HSC and HSC Examinations to go the anticipation of the completion of the HSC is air. I know they will be working hard over the next few months to achieve their personal best. 

food tech

Ms Kelie Munro
Academic Dean of Students

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Junior Strings Eisteddfod

The Junior String Orchestra performed three pieces recently at the Sydney Eisteddfod held at The Concourse at Chatswood. They were competing against 15 other schools in the Sydney area. The students performed well and were excited to have the opportunity to perform on a professional stage. 


Mrs Elizabeth Ford 
Music Teacher - & Senior School Coaching Leader

Wanderers Junior Schools Cup

Our Year 5 and 6 APP Boys and Girls team traveled to Wanderers Five club to compete in the schools cup against other schools within the district.

Both boys teams faced tough competition in their pools and did well to work together until the very last minute. Although they fell short of success, they showed great sportsmanship and encouragement for our girls teams. The girls teams showed passion and dedication together to win all their games in their pool and faced William Clarke in the grand final. They placed second overall in the competition which is a great achievement and we look forward to more opportunities for them to showcase their skills and talent.

Congratulations to Willow, Hanna, Tamara, Miley, Anabelle, Olivia, Eliana and Coach Jairo.



Miss Dayla Tikeri 
Sports Administrator & TAP Coordinator

CASA Volleyball Gala Day

Last Friday our Senior Boys and Senior Girls volleyball team traveled to Minto courts to compete in the CASA Volleyball Gala Day.

Our boys team faced a few challenges as they were a new team to this competition. However they played extremely well and placed 2nd overall. 

Congratulations to all involved on the day!


Miss Dayla Tikeri
Sports Administrator & TAP Coordinator

Junior Athletics Carnival

Years 3 - 6 students enjoyed participating in the College Athletics Carnival. 

The Junior School athletics carnival was held on Thursday 13 June at Campbelltown Athletics Stadium. 

It was wonderful to see students participating in a variety of track and field events, earning points for their house. There were some excellent results and close finishes to our running races. It was encouraging to see our students cheering each other on as they tried their best in the events. The relays at the end of the day are always a highlight, with the House cheers ringing loudly from the stands.

Congratulations to all students who participated during the day!

A big thank you to Miss Tikeri, Mrs Focas, Mr Sheahan, our Sport Assistants and our Secondary Year 10 PASS classes who ran the field events for the day. 

In a very close House competition, we congratulate CARMICHAEL House on winning the point score this year.

The Primary Carnival HOUSE results were:

1st Place: Carmichael - 2,140 points 

2nd Place: Liddell – 2,008 points

3rd Place: Lewis -   1,904 points

4th Place: Wilberforce - 1,730 points

The following students were the Age Champions for the carnival:

8 Years Millie B Raphael A
9 Years A'mia B Maksim M
10 Years Ella K Hudson G
11 Years Willow S Rocky B
12 Years Cierra G Julian C

Students who have qualified to represent the College at the CASA carnival will be notified soon. 

The CASA Junior Athletics Carnival will be held next term, on Thursday 8 August 2024 (Week 3).


Mrs Sharon Evans
P-6 Sports Coordinator

TAP Update

Thank you to all parents and families who visited our open week sessions for our development programs. Our students have enjoyed showcasing their skills and development in their respective activities and will continue to grow their knowledge and enjoyment in basketball, dance, football, netball and tennis. We look forward to seeing you all next term. 

There are sport holiday camps available during the July break:

Wanderers Cup Senior School

Our Year 7 and 8 Students had a great day attending the Wanderers Cup on Wednesday 12 June. It was a day where our students could come together and build cohesiveness as a team in preparation for the upcoming MISA season in Term 3. Both teams performed incredibly well and as such, have been invited to attend the next tournament. 


Mrs Irene Focas 
Senior School Sports Co-ordinator

MISA Term Two

We have had a great term of MISA with many of our teams finishing in the top 2 and set to play their finals next week. A full recap of Term Three will be in the next addition of The Way, next term.

Our Term 3 Sport Trials will be held in Week 9 of Term 2 and Week 1 of Term 3. 

Students will need to sign up to trial via the link here


Mrs Irene Focas
Senior School Sports Co-ordinator

CSSA Gymnastics Competition

Congratulations to Camilla M, Talia M, Ayenka K and Amelia S who recently competed at the CSSA Gymnastics Competition on Tuesday 11 June.

The girls showcased their talents across a variety of apparatus and we are extremely proud of how well they represented the college. 

Congratulations to Talia placed 1st in bars, 2nd in vault, beam and floor and 2nd overall. Camillia (Year 6) competed in the Level 5 division and placed 3rd overall. Camilla came 1st on floor and 3rd on beam.

Congratulations girls on a wonderful achievement.


Mrs Sharon Evans and Mrs Irene Focas
P-6 Sports Coordinator and Senior School Sports Co-ordinator

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Scavenger Hunt in the Junior Library

This term the Junior Library held a scavenger hunt. 12 book characters were hidden in the library with a letter, that together when unscrambled would form a secret message. Lots of students participated in this competition, searching all over the library during recess and lunchtime for these hidden characters. The following students were the first to find them all and unscramble the secret message "Reading Rocks." They each won a brand new book of their choice!

Isaac Y. Year 1

Isaac H. Year 2

Grace J. Year 2

Michael N. Year 2

Elena M. Year 3

Avneet G. Year 3

Gwendolyn P. Year 3

Ethan T. Year 3

Jason O. Year 4

Elizer S. Year 4

Madeleine S. Year 5

Natalia A.K. Year 5

Christian T. Year 5

Claudia A. Year 5

Charlie B. Year 6

Isabella B. Year 6


Mrs Issa and Mr Smith would to congratulate all these students again for their great detective and word skills! Thank you to all students who participated in this competition!

Mrs Arabella Issa & Mr Michael Smith
Junior IRC Library team

Senior Library Book Snap

Bad Writing Competition

To celebrate famous literary opening liners, the Senior Library is running a bad writing competition. The challenge for students is to write the most atrocious opening sentence to the worst novel ever written. A prize will be awarded to the cleverest and most witty submission. Please note that no rude or inappropriate answers will be accepted. Prize winners will be announced early next term.

Media & Duke of Edinburgh equipment

Students who still have Media and Duke of Edinburgh equipment need to return them to the library before the end of term. Please ensure all returning equipment has been cleaned and is complete.

Premiers Reading Challenge

Only two months remain to complete the Premiers Reading Challenge for 2024. Students will need to have read 20 books (10 PRC books and 10 of own choice) by Friday 23rd August. Premiers Reading Challenge books in the Senior Library can be identified by the red sticker found on the book’s spine. To be entered in the competition students need first to have submitted a parental permission form online, then hand in their completed book list to library staff. Book list printouts can be found in the IRC.

Book Bites

Take a book bite to see if it is to your taste?

‘The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles) – Rick Riordan

“Carter and Sadie Kane’s dad is a brilliant Egyptologist with a secret plan that goes horribly wrong. An explosion shatters the ancient Rosetta stone and unleashes Set, the evil god of chaos . . .Set imprisons Dr Kane in a golden coffin and Carter and Sadie must run for their lives. To save their dad, they embark on a terrifying quest from Cairo to Paris to the American South-west and discover the truth about their family's connection to the House of Life- an Egyptian temple of magic that has existed for thousands of years. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt are far from dead and buried. And so, unfortunately, are their gods . . ."

Ancient myth and modern reality come crashing together in this fantastic book by popular author Rick Riordan. ‘The Red Pyramid’ is a fast-paced fantasy story filled with magic, monsters, and a diverse range of weird and wonderful characters. From the opening chapter it is obvious the author has done his research, as Ancient Egyptian history and mythology fills and directs the novels plot and story. It feels like the reader is learning while reading. Finishing with an epic cliffhanger that readers won’t see coming, this novel brilliantly sets up a series that is guaranteed to be just a popular as the ‘Percy Jackson’ books.

Mrs Annette Comiskey & Mr Michael Smith
Senior IRC Library Team