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Solving Problems in Maths

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Since the beginning of the term, the Mathematics students have continued to show a strong commitment to their studies. They have been actively participating in classroom activities and diligently working on their homework tasks, which are provided regularly to reinforce their understanding and prepare them for the upcoming assessments. Additionally, they have taken advantage of extra resources and support offered by the teachers to enhance their learning experience. This consistent effort is aimed at ensuring they are fully prepared and confident for their exams.

Upcoming assessment tasks for Term 2

Year 7 – Week 9

Year 9 – Week 7

Year 11 (Standard/Advanced) – Week 8

Year 12 (Standard 2) – Week 9

Year 12 (Advanced) – Week 7

Year 12 (Extension 2) – Week 8

Other Mathematics courses for Term 2

Year 8 – No assessment this term

Year 10 – Completed in Week 5

Year 11 (Extension 1) – Completed in Week 3

Year 12 (Extension 1) – Completed in Week 5


Here is a question that Year 11 Extension 1 have been grappling with. Can you solve it?

Mr Andrew Lim
Senior School Teacher - Assistant Coordinator Mathematics