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Learning Japanese Games

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This week, Year 8 Japanese students had the opportunity to experience an Undokai, a sport day all school students in Japan participate in once a year. Students from the College worked in teams, competing against each other in four challenges.

In the ‘Eye of the Storm’ or Taifu no me game, holding long poles length-ways, teams moved up the course, around a cone and back again. Each team member then completed an ‘Obstacle Course’ or Shougaibutsu kyousou, spinning a bat, playing hop-scotch and tossing rings. Next, with a time limit, the teams threw as many coloured balls into a basket as they could, in the ‘Bird’s Nest’ or Tamaire game. Finally, a giant dice in the ‘Dice Race’ or Saikororeesu determined which cone students had to race to before the next student could roll.

In the process of completing these games, students were able to employ the language they have learned so far in the Year 8 Japanese course. In particular, their number knowledge impressed the incursion operators. Well done Year 8 Japanese and thank you to AoYama Japanese Camp for a wonderful incursion.


Mrs Fiona Byrne
Languages Coordinator & Year 8 Advisor