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King Tut Roadshow

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The King Tut Roadshow semi-trailer is a multi-sensory experience allowing students to be fully immersed in the rediscovery of Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s Tomb and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Year 7 students attended a full day Incursion on Monday 27 May, where they experienced the development of Modern Archaeology in an interactive way. They participated in 6 different activities throughout the day, led by Thomas Hassall's dedicated History teachers, who dressed in theme for the day.

“Understanding Archaeology” was a hands-on experience where students handled a variety of artefacts, including 2000–4000-year-old pot shards and skulls, to learn about dating artefacts in the ancient world. Students examined full size replicas of Tutankhamun’s Tomb paintings, made their own personal seals from clay, handled parchment and papyrus and stamped their names in hieroglyphics to learn about communication in ancient societies. Students also participated in “Sand Hydraulics” and built an Ancient Roman arch to learn about the engineering behind ancient grand monuments. Year 7 students are congratulated for their good behaviour, interesting questions, and enthusiasm during the Incursion.


Mrs Michelle Pearson
History/Legal Studies Coordinator