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Students competed in our annual House Volleyball comp on Monday 3 June. Each House had a Junior team which was Years 7, 8 & 9 and a Senior team which was Years 11 & 12. 

The semis played at lunch and in the senior comp, Lewis beat Carmichael and Liddell won over Wilberforce. For the juniors, Wilberforce beat Lewis and Carmichael won over Liddell. 

The finals took place during Period 5, with Years 7-12 coming to spectate and support the teams. The atmosphere was great with a lot encouragement from the crowd. 

The final results are as follows:

Junior House Volleyball:

1st - Wilberforce 

2nd - Carmichael 

3rd - Liddell

4th - Lewis

Senior House Volleyball:

1st - Liddell

2nd - Lewis

3rd - Carmichael 

4th - Wilberforce 


Congratulations to Wilberforce and Liddell and well done to all who played and contributed to their House teams. 

We look forward to House soccer in Term 3!

house volleyball

Mrs Michelle Raft
Languages Teacher - Head of House & Year 9 Advisor