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Authors Visit Junior School

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On Monday, our College hosted six Authors who conducted writing workshops with all students in Year 1-6. The Authors conducted engaging workshops with each class, sharing their expertise and inspiring our young writers. 

Harry Laing a poet and writer captivated and engaged Year 1 with his puppets and animated stories.

Penny Reeve worked side by side with our Year 2 students who were excited to meet a real-life author.

Louise Park helped the Year 3 students work deeper on the important art of character development.

Reece Carter helped our Year 4 students to be specific and write characters and to think about a character’s wants and goals. 

Deborah Ablea, a teacher and student favourite, inspired our Year 5 students to develop their own unique ideas into a story. 

Tim Harris crafted tools to engage your reading audience with our Year 6 students.  

Students were captivated, eager to learn and to continue writing long after the workshops ended. This event reminded us of the power of storytelling and the importance of nurturing creativity. We look forward to more opportunities to inspire our students and cultivate their love for writing.

Many of the authors have left some signed copies of their books if you are still interested in purchasing visit, you can buy books from any of the authors regardless which one visited your child's grade.


Mrs Kylie Stroud
Years P-2 Coordinator